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Download the mp4 to mp3 converter apk file onto your Smartphone by clicking the downloading buttons Provided Above. However, mp4 to mp3 converter app is entirely free to use and download. But, mp4 to mp3 converter apk is completely allowed to be download and utilize.

Mp4 to Mp3 apk Technical information

♦ App Name: Mp4 to Mp3 – Convert Video to Audio, Cut Ringtones
♦ Publisher: Studio4H
♦ Category: Tools
♦ File size: 106M
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♦ Last Updated:  30 July 2021
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About Mp4 to Mp3 apk

VideoMaster Tools is a convenient and fast convert video to audio. It’s a must-have app for all music lovers as it allows to convert video files of the mp4 and m4a formats to mp3. Now you can quickly add a song from the video clip you liked to your playlists on the smartphone. And the built-in mp3 tag editor will help you organize your music collection right on your phone. Moreover, thanks to the cutting function of the app you can create your own ringtones!
Here are the best features and advantages of our converter software:
1) Turn mp4 and m4a to mp3.
No matter whether the given video is of high quality or low quality, the latest version of the converter will extract an mp3 recording of the highest possible grade. It’s also possible to convert Wav, Avi, Mkv.
2) Cut audio or video as mp3 bits.
3) Music organizer and editor.
Our cutter tool allows you to edit mp3 tags and organize your mp3 library. You can set the title, the artist, the album for any new song. So, there will be no mess and you will be able to find the necessary track very fast.
4) Work in the background.
Mp4 to mp3 transfer can work in the background mode, so you do not have to wait till converting is finished and can continue with browsing and using your phone.
5) Convert several videos simultaneously.
Our mp3 extractor for android allows batching mp4 to mp3. Such a useful feature saves your time.
6) Ringtone maker.
Downloading our cutter mp3 you get a perfect ring tone trimmer. Trim favorite songs and personalize your smartphone by setting a special individual ringtone.
7) Fast and efficient work.
Our track maker works extremely fast – get our mp3 cutter downloader and see for yourself.
8) Free.
Our converter update with an mp3 trimmer is absolutely free to download. We do not charge for anything, so you do not take any risk.
9) Pleasant, clear design and intuitive interface easy to work with.
How to convert mp4 to mp3, step by step instructions:
Our converter is simple to use. First of all, there should be some videos uploaded to your smartphone. After downloading and starting, our converter app will automatically scan your phone to search all the videos that can be converted. On the main screen of the app, at the top of it, you will see two tabs. The 1st one is called “video files”, the 2nd one is named “conversion list”. In the “video files,” you will see all the videos on your phone that the program is able to convert to mp3, you can sort them by date or by title.
1. You should select and tap the file/ you are going to convert.
2. After that you find yourself on the screen where you can play the chosen file, change its information, cut it, save and convert.
> In the “edit information” field you can make your future track more beautifully packed and set the name/title, artist, album, as well as add/delete a picture.
> In the “cut video” you can trim it choosing the seconds between starting and finishing.
> In the “save as” you can store the newly made file to the suggested folder or just change another folder.
3. Choose the format you would like to convert your file to and then press the “convert” button. Please take a note that at the moment there is no possibility to convert opus, Ogg, WMA to mp3, will consider it for future updates. Also, currently, our converter does not function as a joiner, or merger, just a cutter.
4. Wait till the process is completed and enjoy the result!
In the second tab, which is called “conversion list” you can watch all the files that should be converted, are being converted, and already converted. Each file has such attributed data as name, duration, format to which it is converted, size in kilobytes and megabytes.
In the app, you can also find settings (here you can edit the folders where the converted files after mp4 to mp3 conversation were saved) and a feedback form where you can send your comments and questions to us.

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